Military Commissions/Tribunal, Patriot Act, Enemy Combatant status,
                                             Johnson v. Eisentrager, Hamdi v. Rumsfeld.
                                               Jose Padilla, trial and case law experts.
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    Competent Legal Research. University of Maryland, Georgetown University graduate.             
Administrative Procedure Act, Administrative Law Expert in all US jurisdictions.                  
              Military retirement issues. BCMR, filings, decisions and appeals.                                             
ue To Court Decisions Of Hoskins v. US. 40 Fed.Cl. 259 (1998)
                                 QMP Bars Are reviewable By Federal Courts.
nd v. US 47 Fed.Cl. 641 2000 
                                Awarded Retirement For "Substantially Similar"
                                 Service with Civilian Contractor
 Dyna Corp.

                        Marine UOTH Discharge At 16 Years Active Federal Service,
                         Wisotsky V. US

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Military Tribunal, Federal Register,  UCMJ amendments.                                                                                                                                        Criminal, administrative and forensic matters.
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                                                   Common Issues for Appeals and Writs.
                       Our specialty is Administrative Actions of all US agency and military jurisdictions. 
                       Military Law, Military Tribunals. Procedure and Practice, Enemy Combatant Status of US Citizens. 

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