Competent legal research, forensic investigations, 
             crime scene analysis, financial crimes, data interpretation,
 trial preparation in the Northern Virginia/Washington Metro Area.
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              ProBonoAppeals.Com Military Tribunal and Enemy 
                                 Combatant Status Experts.
                                                 Military  Retirement Issues.
                                                 Civil and Criminal Actions
ue To Court Decisions Of Hoskins v. US. 40 Fed.Cl. 259 (1998)
                                 QMP Bars Are Reviewable By Federal Courts.
nd v. US 47 Fed.Cl. 641 2000 
                                Awarded Retirement For "Substantially Similar"
                                 Service with Civilian Contractor
 Dyna Corp.

                        Marine UOTH Discharge At 16 Years Active Federal Service,
                            Awarded  Honorable Discharge And $200K In Back Pay 
                                                  And Retirement Benefits. 
                                                        Wisotsky v. US
JURIST - Legal News & ResearchJURIST - Legal News & ResearchJURIST - Legal News & Research
                             ProBonoAppeals.Com Offers: 
Pro Se legal assistance for BCMR appeals and QMP actions for all 
 branches of service.
 Federal Courts are recognizing a Service Member's 
 vested interest in retirement benefits after 15Yrs of active federal service.
If you were involuntarily separated or discharged  as a result of 
 a QMP action, contact 
 We will reseach the facts of our your brief, organize, mark your exhibits, 
  file your  claim Pro Se.
Competent appellate preparation.
  Westlaw/Lexus Nexus access.
Research services for attorneys & partnership
Military Criminal & Administrative Matters Welcome.          
No Subscriptions Or Monthly Fees. Affordable Rates. 
Tel: 1(801) 415-1961
Fax Toll Free:
Fax: 1-866-293-0681
E -mail: are your personal research assistants.
With over 21 years research experience and specialties in a wide-variety of
law-related research fields. If you need research done in a hurry,
or just need pointing in the right direction, calling us makes your
research time much more efficient.
Call your personal research assistants at ProBonoApeals.Com.
Powerful Legal Research Made Easy.
Access To Justice.
Military, criminal , administrative and forensic matters welcome.
JURIST - Legal News & ResearchJURIST - Legal News & ResearchJURIST - Legal News & Research
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                                 Common Issues for Appeals and Writs.
Our specialities are Administrative Actions of all jurisdictions. 
Military Law, Military Tribunals
Procedure and Practice, Enemy Combatant Status of US Citizens. will preserve your appellate rights and conduct a
through review of your case, identifying specific legal points
to be researched and issues raised. 
                       Military Tribunal Legal Process & Procedure Experts.
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